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Foxwood Cabinets is an eco-friendly green cabinet builder in Santa Fe and Los Alamos, New Mexico, specializing in expertly crafted custom cabinets, millwork and trim installation. Each piece of detailed woodwork is an elegant example of precision and expertise that enhances the character of your kitchen or other space.

Custom design your cabinets to meet the functional needs of your kitchen, office, closets, or other space and choose the finish, wood, overlay and millwork to match your décor. Each cabinet and millwork design is custom-made per individual instructions, and constructed by skilled craftsmen to meet client specifications. Foxwood Cabinets is a proud producer of environmentally compliant work, using consciously harvested wood treated with safe chemicals. Foxwood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for building eco-friendly cabinets and millwork so you can breathe easier with less chemical treatments and a smaller carbon footprint.

Add custom-made and artfully-crafted cabinets and millwork to your home with certified environmentally-safe materials. Contact Foxwood Cabinets today to get a quote for your work.

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